Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the most trusted name in bulk transportation, with the highest standards in service and safety, not only in on-time deliveries, but in delivering our customers their product with the highest quality of service. This includes clean, uncontaminated deliveries; following all safety rules; presenting yourself in a professional manner; and driving in a safe and courteous way. This will offer the customer more value for their money spent on freight causing them to look no further than Dave Evans Transports for their transportation needs.

We also believe our goal is to be the most efficient bulk carrier by employing competent employees who will do their best to complete their job in the most efficient manner possible. We believe at Dave Evans Transports, that by taking good care of our customers, we can take good care of our employees, by giving them a good and safe work environment for many years to come.

Our goal is to make everyone proud to be involved with Dave Evans Transports, Inc.


Top Row: Wendi, Dave, Vern, Giulio, and Kerri
Bottom Row: Dave, Amy, Dawn, and Bob


From Left: Shane, Dave, Mike, Dana, Joe, Josh, and Darren


At the age of 12, Dave Evans received an early education on how to deal with the public sector when his parents owned a full service resort on a lake in McGregor, Minnesota. After a few years, his parents sold the resort. Dave and his father, Martin, toyed with construction equipment, digging basements, building driveways, plowing snow and starting cars in subzero temperatures. At the age of 17, as a senior in high school, Dave started working part time for Wayne Transports. Dave found he had a great passion for driving commercial vehicles. He received his class A (CDL) on his 18th birthday. Dave worked at Wayne Transports for 4 years. When he left Wayne Transports, he leased out to Cutler Magner Company for one year, then started his own company in the transportation of various dry bulk products.

During this same time, Dave met his wife, Dawn, who handles most of the day to day office duties at Dave Evans Transports, Inc. Dave and Dawn have two children. Amy, worked for the company until college age, spent some time as a customer service manager with a trucking company that specializes in moving trade shows in and out of convention centers in various cities throughout the U.S. and is now back dispatching for Dave Evans Transports. David, Jr., now works as a driver for the company, following in his father's footsteps. Along with Amy, Bob Evans (Dave's nephew), who drove truck for Dave starting in 1988, and Giulio Giuliani, head up the dispatch office. They answer all incoming calls and deal with the logistics of all the freight hauled. Vern Bryce is the Fleet Manager for Dave Evans Transports, Inc. Vern also drove truck for Dave before his current position.

Throughout time, Dave Evans Transports, Inc. has added liquid chemical tanks, end dump trailers, porta-bulker storage units and a rail transfer yard to diversify their fleet. The turnover rate at Dave Evans Transports, Inc. is low, which has aided in the gathering of a great crew of drivers, most of whom have been driving for the company for a number of years. Dave and the crew have built Dave Evans Transports, Inc. into one of the Midwest's largest dry bulk carriers that prides itself on service and a job well done.